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There is one more class of obfuscations that is smart and prevents proper index usage. Instead of using logic expressions it is using a calculation.

Consider the following statement. Can it use an index on NUMERIC_NUMBER?

SELECT numeric_number
  FROM table_name
 WHERE numeric_number - 1000 > ?

Similarly, can the following statement use an index on A and B—you choose the order?

  FROM table_name
 WHERE 3*a + 5 = b

Let’s put these questions into a different perspective; if you were developing an SQL database, would you add an equation solver? Most database vendors just say “No!” and thus, neither of the two examples uses the index.

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You can even use math to obfuscate a condition intentionally—as we did it previously for the full text LIKE search. It is enough to add zero, for example:

SELECT numeric_number
  FROM table_name
 WHERE numeric_number + 0 = ?

Nevertheless we can index these expressions with a function-based index if we use calculations in a smart way and transform the where clause like an equation:

  FROM table_name
 WHERE 3*a - b = -5

We just moved the table references to the one side and the constants to the other. We can then create a function-based index for the left hand side of the equation:

CREATE INDEX math ON table_name (3*a - b)

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