by Markus Winand.

Instant What?

You might guess it, but I'm not making my living from this site nor are the book sales paying all the bills—although the books pays some bills, thank you! However, to pay the remaining bills I'm doing coaching, training and consulting. You can find all the details on my professional site but I'd like to highlight one service here: Instant Coaching.

After googling and trying many ways to solve a problem, have you ever got that feeling of resignation where you just want to ask somebody who should know the answer? Well, that's Instant Coaching—at least if your problem is about performance and/or databases.

Instant Coaching is remarkably easy and efficient: we just arrange an online meeting where you present your problem or question to me. We'll use a desktop sharing tool (TeamViewer) so that I can see your screen and—if you like—show you something on your computer (control your mouse/keyboard). Instant Coaching needs virtually no preparation: it often starts just a few minutes after you faced the problem—hence “Instant”!

Another critical success factor for Instant Coaching is that we can put our knowledge and experiences together: you bring the know-how about your application and your data while I'm adding a little database and performance know-how to the mix. Instead of guessing about things I don't know about your application or you don't know about databases, we can just ask each other! I'm usually getting asked a lot: you don't just get the “magic” solution, but you learn about the rational behind it so that can solve similar problems on your own the next time—hence “Coaching”!

If you have read this marketing post up to here, you'll even get a special present: just tell me about this blog post and I'll give you twenty percent off on any Instant Coaching session. And to make that even better, I'll give up to two hours free Instant Coaching to free open source projects (FOSS). Both offers valid till July 30, 2014 and until I'm booked out.

So, reserve your seat by filling in the Instant Coaching registration now!

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