After publishing the English edition of “SQL Performance Explained” there was a huge demand for an ebook edition. After a few days answering these queries, I though it’s probably easier to offer an e-book than to explain why there isn’t one. Well, I must admit that I don’t read ebooks very much. My wife has an e-ink device, but is hardly using it (probably in lack of German content). I’ve uploaded the ePUB pre-release from 2011 (not available anymore) and must say it works, but isn’t nice. However, many people told me they would be fine with a PDF, because they are anyway using tablets or smartphones to read their ebooks. Fast forward a few weeks: since Monday I can offer a PDF download for just EUR 9.95 (English, German [update] or French, you choose).

Afterwards there was a huge demand—again—for a bundle discount when purchasing both, the PDF and the hard copy. That caught me by surprise. Not that people want a discount, but that people would like to buy both editions. So I asked, and listened, and learned something about my own business.

Sure there were usual suspected like “I’d just like the PDF for searching” “to have it with me when being on the road” and so forth. But the interesting point was “I’d like the hard copy, but would also like to start reading immediately.” Well, I didn’t think of that (shame on me). Although I’m offering free shipping to 150+ countries, it takes its time because I’m shipping from Europe only once a week. Instead of express delivery, I just need to offer a bundle.

It took another day to tweak my accounting software because there are different VAT rates applied to real books and PDF downloads—but the accounting software could do only one VAT rate for each invoice. After all I’m just a geek like most of you, so I hacked a day and made it work. The bundle is on sale for EUR 34.95 since yesterday evening—that’s a EUR 4.95 discount.

And now, I’ll be your “What-If” Machine:

What if I already bought the print edition and would like to get the PDF and the bundle discount?

No problem, you’ll get the discount! I don’t see any reason I should treat the “early adopters” any worse than people who didn’t buy the print ed yet.

UPDATE 2013-07-08: It currently works like this: On the invoice for the print edition, you’ll find a discount code to get the PDF edition for the reduced price. Same is true vice versa.

OUTDATED: Please fill in the order form and select the PDF edition. The important part is that you need to mention that you already bought the print ed in the “Notes” section. Please add any references you have for your purchase. You should have received an invoice from me, even when you bought at Amazon. Mention the invoice or offer-no. If you bought it at your local book dealer, tell me when and where you bought it. I’ll check your original purchase and grant you the discount. That is, however, a manual procedure and may take a while.

What if I bought the PDF edition and would like to get the print ed and the bundle discount?

No problem, you’ll get the discount! Same procedure as above.

No matter in which order you buy, you’ll get the discount if you can prove your previous purchase.

Finally, I have to tell you that I’ll be abroad in the next few week and I cannot dispatch international orders during this time. That means, the last international dispatch from my office will take place on Friday. So, place your orders now. Regardless of that, there are more than enough copies on stock at Amazon. They will take care of your order at any time but might charge shipping fees.

Oh, I forgot one more thing. Some readers from the United States have reported that they didn’t have to pay any custom duties or other fees after receiving the hard copy. So, if you are in the US, it seems that you don’t need to worry about customs when ordering the hard copy.

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