by Markus Winand.

Customs and, well, errata...

I’ve finally managed to put all the errors that were reported by readers so far online. I’m not exactly proud of this, but there are already more than 30 known errata for the German edition. There are still some German copies of “SQL Performance Explained” on stock, but it seems like I have to arrange a second printing soon. I will surly take up all these errors for the second printing. The English edition has just two errata at the moment, but I doubt it will stay that low. You are more than welcome to report any mistakes you find: I do follow them up :)

And now, something different: customs. I’ve received some inquires if I can indicate how much customs you might have to pay if you order the book from outside the EU. Well, I cannot tell you the exact amount, but help you Google it ;) The important information you need to find the rate in your country is the so-called HS number and the origin of the goods. I’ve to put this information on the CN22 customs declaration on the outside of the package, so authorities know what’s inside. The HS number for books is 490199 and this particular book is printed in Austria. That’s what I write on the customs declaration form. I’ve also been told that some countries might charge other fees besides customs (e.g., VAT). Sorry, don’t know any more details.

However, I’m asking all international buyers to report if and how much fees they had to pay. Until now, I’ve not received any feedback—but I’ve done only one international shipping so far. Next one is due on Tuesday.

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