by Markus Winand.

Done! Or What?

During the last few weeks, it has become a little silent here at Use The Index, Luke! Today, I’d like to tell you the news that caused the silence and give a short outlook about the future of Use The Index, Luke!

The most important news is that I became father. It’s very important to me, at least. My son, Marcel, was born on 25th March 2012. So, we already had two month to settle down. Mommy is quite good at the night shift—I can sleep almost normally and have enough time and energy to work during daytime.

Most of that time I’ve spent to complete the book. Yes, it is “done”. As done as an online IT book can get. That means, the originally planned content is—after two years—finalized. The German translation was completed at about the same time. Use The Index, Luke! is now fully available in two languages.

During these two years of writing, I have always strived for an exciting text, because I know database tuning is not a popular topic for developers. I designed the structure so that one topic leads to the next in the hope it is read from cover to cover in one shot. The problem with the website is, however, that most people just see one or two pages. Those pages are often are often out of context and don’t make sense on their own. To cut a long story short: I believe the text only works when read entirely. So, I decided to publish the book as a real book.

I took the title I already used for the e-Pub edition last year: SQL Performance Explained. The cover photo is a quickly running squirrel because the book is about fast SQL. So it comes that I sometimes introduce the book as “Squirrel Performance Explained”.

At the moment, there is only a German edition available (to my own surprise). That is because I found some confusingly written paragraphs during translation. Definitely not good enough for printing. Those parts were not just translated, but rewritten from scratch. In two languages—at least at the beginning. Due to time constraints, I had to stop editing the English text after a while. Just writing in my native language was, of course, faster.

You can buy the German edition directly via or—private consumers in Germany—also in my Delivery time is the same in both cases because I’m always using amazon’s delivery network for Germany—no matter which way you order.

Finally, I’ll give you a small outlook what’s happening next. I’m currently completing the English text, of course. I’m looking for a lecturer, btw; A native speaker, preferably with German and IT knowledge (contact). Once the text is finalized, printing is no big issue. After that, I need to take care to earn some money again. From business perspective, this year was a disaster until now. Not only because I spent quite some time on the book, but also to prepare the arrival of my son. I finally took drivers education, for example. One would not believe how much time that takes.

Earning money is for me mostly about doing workshops and Instant-Coaching. I’m constantly getting inquires for the workshop. The problem is, however, the travel time and expenses. That makes it too expensive very often. As workaround, I try to get three (or more) clients in the same area—in that case, the travel time and expenses is no problem anymore. So, if you would like to hire me for a workshop, just leave me a short note. For the planning, I just need a postal code. The book is part of the course material, of course. At the moment, I’m only doing on-site workshops in the D-A-CH region. I’m, however, getting inquires from all over the world (thank you!). But that is even harder to manage. For those of you living outside Austria, Germany or Switzerland, please consider using the Instant-Coaching model. It is a virtual workshop, using your system. I can explain the principles based on examples from your own application, if you like.

If I find some time in between, I’d like to process my blog backlog. I’m having topics for about 20 articles in the pipeline—some of them for the miserably neglected myth directory. I can also imagine writing some opinion articles. I’ve always aimed to stay objective when writing for the book. Now, I might write possibly some…well…more emotional articles.

I did not yet make up my mind regarding long-term planning for Use The Index, Luke! I will, of course, maintain and update the material. Let me know if you have any topic you would like to see on Use The Index, Luke! Your wish might come true.

So long,


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