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Bind Variables in SQL

The previous installment of Use The Index, Luke finalized the section on function based indexes by explaining the limitations they have.

Today's installment covers a topic that can't be stressed enough: the proper use of bind parameters in SQL.

Although the most important reason to use bind parameters is the prevention of SQL injection, bind parameters have a positive impact on performance but might affect index selection.

PS: Wanna look further down the road? I just blogged about an index related performance optimization in MySQL.
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Limits of Function Based Indexes

The previous installment of Use The Index, Luke introduced the concept of function based indexing to implement a case-insensitive search with the SQL function UPPER.

Today's installment explains the limits and "risks" of function based indexes. The section on using functions in indexes is concluded by a small exercise to check your understanding—and creativity (trap inside!).

Case-Insensitive Search

The initial installment of Use The Index, Luke explained the anatomy and explained the "slow index" phenomenon. The last step was to create an index on LAST_NAME to avoid an unreasonable INDEX RANGE SCAN if the SUBSIDIARY_ID is present but not the EMPLOYEE_ID.

Today's installment introduces function based indexes to implement case-insensitive search.

Launching Use The Index, Luke

Use The Index, Luke! is a guide to database performance for developers.

I started the book because I noticed that almost every existing book or online document on that topic is stuffed with plenty of information that is not relevant to developers.

Although a certain know-how of the database's internals is required to get the best performance, Use The Index, Luke! keeps that information at a minimum and presents it from a developer's perspective.

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