French anybody?

Good news everybody—well, at least if you speak French. Use The Index, Luke and SQL Performance Explained will be translated. You can already start reading the first chapters here.

How did that happen? We all owe Guillaume Lelarge (blog|twitter) a big thank you for that! He contacted me a while ago about the book and suggested to translate it into French. My first reaction was very skeptical—not because I don’t believe there is a need for a French translations, but because I know translating a book is very hard work. However, Guillaume has already translated a book (Bases de données PostgreSQL) and the PostgreSQL documentation (major parts of it). And the best thing is: these are all database topics. I’m quite sure that he is the right one :)

We will publish the translated chapters in a step-by-step manner here on Use The Index, Luke! The print and PDF editions will be available once the translation is done (no release date yet). In the meanwhile I invite you to read the first parts and report errors if you find them—there is an error reporting form on the bottom of each page. Besides that you should also send Guillaume some kudos and read his post about the translation.

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