Stuff you missed without Twitter

If you are not following my SQL Performance Tips (@SQLPerfTips) feed on twitter, you are missing a lot. However, two things you should probably know, even without using twitter:

All You Base Conf — Database conference for web developers

I’m in no way affiliated with those guys, but they were so nice to offer a discount code for my readers (followers?). The conference takes place in Oxford, UK on 23rd Nov 2012. Have a look at for more details. Use the promo code “SQLPerf” to get £35 off the standard ticket price.

Celebrating 10k followers

My @SQLPerfTips account has crossed the 10k followers mark recently. So I though I’ll celebrate this with another discount code (10kflwrs) that is good for -10% for orders of “SQL Performance Explained” when placed directly at This code expires on Fri, 12th Oct 20:00 Vienna local time (CEST). That’s 11am PDT, for example.

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