Second Anniversary

“Use The Index, Luke!” celebrates its second anniversary today. Unfortunately, I was not able to prepare anything for this anniversary like I did last year when I presented the 3-minute test. The test is still very popular, by they way, it is taken about 20 times a day. However, all I have for this years anniversary is a promise.

Do you know You should ;) It’s an online tool to test SQL queries with five different databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite). It is not a cloud database that you could use for building applications. SQLFiddle is a tool for collaborative online work on SQL problems. It was built to improve asking and solving SQL related questions on Q/A sites like Stackoverflow.

For me, SQL Fiddle is interesting because of the "View Execution Plan" Button. As said before, it is not a cloud DB that we could use for performance tests, but we can have a look at executions plans. I believe it would be very convenient to have prepared fiddles for the examples from „Use The Index, Luke!“ so that you can easily test them online without needing your own database.

And this is exactly what will come—although I don’t have a time line yet. Stay tuned. UPDATE in 2015: SQLFiddle integration will be removed again because it it hardly used but causes a lot of overhead on my side.

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