One Year and Three Minutes

Use The Index, Luke! was one today.

There was quite some progress during this year. Besides the steadily growing content, I am particularly happy that the appendices about execution plans and the example schema cover MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server in addition to Oracle.

But what’s next?

The content will be completed until early 2012 (final outline in the Preface). The second volume of SQL Performance Explained—the e-book edition—will be published at that time as well. Additionally, Use The Index, Luke! will be translated gradually into German. There is, however, no fixed schedule for that, but you can already subscribe the German blog.

In the German-speaking area, I will also hold my "SQL Performance Basics Workshop for Developers". Individual online workshops are available worldwide in German or English language.

Finally, I have prepared something for the first anniversary of Use The Index, Luke. How good do you know SQL-Performance? I hope you had the feeling of success when you applied your experience from the book to your real-world problems. Did you actually blog or tweet about it? Let me know. However, you can also take the new 3-minute test to see how good you are. Although the test takes just three minutes, it’s not simple. Some of the questions are not yet covered by the book — don’t be surprised if you don’t get the perfect score. Short explanations are given at the end, longer ones will come in the next few month on Use The Index, Luke!

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